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Bill Wilson - Recent Cases

October 2019 – Sexual Assault & Malicious Communication – Representing a client who faced allegations arising from his interaction with a guest at his home. As a result of representations, Police concluded the matter with no further action.

September 2019 – Bribery & Corruption – After 20 months of investigation by City of London Police, matter concluded with no further action and as a consequence the imposed Restraint Order fell to the side. Although the Restraint Order imposed great financial imposition, ultimately as a consequence of this being challenged which produced disclosure, very detailed representations could be made to Police which otherwise could not have been possible. Undoubtedly it was these that resulted in the matter being concluded without charge.

August 2019 – Fraud – Instructed to represent a client in regard to a multi-million fraud involving a major healthcare provider (on-going).

April 2019 – Fraud – Instructed on behalf of four Non-executive Directors, in connection with the Serious Fraud Office investigation into London Capital & Finance and S.236 interviews by the appointed administrators (on-going).

March 2019 – Indecent images – Representing a client whose phone had been seized under separate proceedings and upon forensic examination found to contain offending images. After skilful negotiation, matter concluded with a verbal warning.

February 2019 – Disqualified Driver – Representing footballer who was under investigation by Police for disqualified driving. Following representations, no further action taken.

January 2019 – General Medical Council – Restoration to Medical Register – Representing a Doctor who had been erased from the Medical Register in 2012 following convictions before Harrow Crown Court. Successfully managing to have him restored to the Register at first attempt, which is very unusual.

December 2018 – Confiscation Enforcement – Representing client in relation to a high-value confiscation enforcement order (£7.5m) when represented by a separate firm previously and convicted of fraud involving the James Ibori investigation. Case spanned a number of years and involved an international element owing to significant funds being transferred between various African countries. Southwark Crown Court.

November 2018 – General Medical Council (GMC) – Represented two Radiologists who had been referred to a Fitness to Practice Hearing (FtPH) before the GMC, after having been represented by other lawyers previously. As a consequence of further submissions lodged on behalf of both Doctors, the GMC were persuaded not to proceed with their scheduled four week hearing and concluded the matter with no further action.

October 2018 – Stalking – Representing a Doctor who was arrested by Metropolitan Police in relation to allegations arising from the Protection of Harassment Act 1997. Successfully defended a bail extension and months later, persuading the Police to conclude the matter with no further action.

July 2018 – General Medical Council – Interim Order Tribunal – Representing a Doctor before an IOT, arising from allegations emanating from employment at various NHS Trusts. Concluded with no order being granted.

June 2018 – Enforcement Proceedings, POCA 2002 – Representing the interests of third parties in enforcement proceedings arising from Confiscation Proceedings, conducted before Liverpool Crown Court. Four day contested hearing during which evidence was provided via video-link involving participants from Holland and Turkey. First occasion when Mutual Assistance sought under The Criminal Justice (European Investigation Order) Regulations 2017.

May 2018 – ABH, Making-off without payment – Representing football coach arrested in connection to a series of allegations. After submissions the Police concluded the matter with no further action.

April 2018 – Cash forfeiture – Successfully defending and seeking the return of a cash seizure made by the Metropolitan Police. Bromley Magistrates Court.

February 2018 – Fraud, Bribery & Corruption – Representing a Director of Lloyds Banking Group arrested by City of London Police. Restraint Order imposed pre-charge. Case centred on the

January 2018 Tax Evasion & Money Laundering – Representing a Premier League footballer arrested by HMRC on allegations of Cheating Public Revenue; Fraudulent Evasion of income tax; Fraudulent Evasion of VAT and Money Laundering. Special Casework Unit, HMRC. Arrest resulted in widespread publicity in the Press. After substantial representations and detailed disclosure on his behalf over the following months, HMRC accepted that no charges would be preferred and the mater concluded with no further action.

December 2017 – National College Teaching & Learning (NCTL) – Representing teacher before her disciplinary body accused of a number of allegations involving AQA controlled assessments and examinations.

October 2017 – Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) – Representing at trial a Chartered Accountant charged along with four others of a number of offences involving the sale of shares by an International Healthcare Company. Charges ranged from publishing false and misleading statements, inducements and carrying on a regulated activity contrary to a general prohibition. Investigation took over two years. Very heavy paper-intensive case which involved numerous applications concerning disclosure and dismissal applications, the client was the only one who was cleared following a trial which lasted almost 3 months. Significant reliance was placed on a detailed written statement provided when interviewed under caution. Southwark Crown Court.

September 2017 – MOPAC (Mayor for London: Office for Policing & Crime) – Representing a client (ex Police Officer) following an application by MOPAC to seek forfeiture of a Police Pension upon application to the Home Secretary. Following lengthy submissions persuading MOPAC against such a recommendation and matter concluded with no further action.

July 2017 – Assault PC; Resist Arrest & Common Assault – Represented Doctor charged with three offences. Staines Magistrates Court.

May 2017 – Fraud & Corruption – Advising client following arrest by Metropolitan Police Fraud Squad who were conducting a large-scale investigation into Barratts Homes, involving directors.

April 2017 – Confiscation – Multi-million – Representing client in respect of confiscation where the benefit figure was calculated in excess of £2.5 million. After negotiation matter concluded with a payment of £5,000.00.

March 2017 – Drugs offences & Money Laundering – Representing client charged with a number of offences involving drugs and accompanying money laundering charge. The case also involved a cash seizure and application for forfeiture, which was successfully defended. Woolwich Crown Court.

February 2017 – Possession with intent to supply & Money Laundering – Representing two clients following a substantial drugs operation in Norfolk when a large quantity of cocaine was seized. Norwich Crown Court.

January 2017 – Coercion, Assault PC & administering drugs – Representing Medical Doctor arrested following a domestic incident when Police called to his home.

December 2016 – Immigration Fraud, Bribery & Corruption & Money Laundering – Represented client charged with three separate indictments (3 trials) with a total of 32 charges arising from a large-scale investigation mounted by the Home Office lasting over two years into an Immigration Legal Advisory Firm in Leeds. Part of the case involved an allegation of bribery and corruption of two of the investigators. Huge international dimension as it encompassed evidence from China and Hong Kong. Leeds & Bradford Crown Courts.

November 2016 – Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) investigation into alleged Market abuse by an investment company involving alleged multi-million pound manipulation of pension contributions. Successfully concluding matter after formal interviews under caution.

October 2016 Restraint Proceedings (Pre-Charge) – Representing client during an investigation by City of London Police into offences of Controlling Prostitution for gain. During course of the investigation an allegation of Contempt was lodged in respect of the Restraint Order, which was successfully deal with. Inner London Crown Court.

September 2016 - Possession with intent to supply Drugs – Represented client charged with possession with intent, which was negotiated downwards to straight possession. Wimbledon Magistrates Court.

August 2016 - Fraud – Client charged with impersonation of being a registered medical practitioner and applying for medical positions. Issues around qualifications and posts on the intranet. Prosecuted on behalf of NHS England. Southwark Crown Court.

July 2016 - VAT Fraud – Represented a client charged with 15 Counts of Fraud and 1 Count of Possession of an article for use in Fraud. The frauds were perpetrated against HM Revenue & Customs between 2013 – 2014 which involved the submission of VAT repayment returns for 7 different companies. Issues which arose during the course of the case involved coercion and involvement of others, Computer IP addresses together with reports to HMRC Fraud Hotline. Central Criminal Court and Southwark Crown Court. Prosecuted by HM Revenue & Customs.

June 2016 - Accountancy Fraud - Represented a client charged with 18 Counts of Theft and 1 Count of Perverting the Course of Justice, between 2012 - 2013. The allegations arose from the client’s position within an accountancy practice in London when it was alleged that monies had been diverted utilising international client accounts, without their authority or knowledge. Issues relevant to the case included consent and knowledge of the payments. Southwark Crown Court. Prosecuted by CPS Special Casework Team.

March 2016 - Accountancy Fraud – Represented a client charged both Theft and False Accounting.The allegations arose from employment with a major debt recovery business and involved monies being transferred from a major client’s account. One of the major issues which arose involved the credibility of electronic data which necessitated the assistance of both a Computer Expert and Forensic Accountant. Guildford Crown Court. Prosecuted by CPS, Surrey. Following a guilty plea, a suspended sentence was imposed and at Confiscation, an order of £100.00 was made.

June 2016 - Fraud - Represented a client in connection to a fraud whereby £1.2 million had been diverted between 2006 – 2008. The facts were that various transfers had been made to shell companies on the basis that they were legitimate businesses owed funds. Southwark Crown Court. Prosecuted by CPS Special Casework Team.

February 2016 - Money Laundering, Perverting the Course of Justice & Illegal Money Lending – Represented a client charged with a 9 Count indictment, detailing offences scanning the time period between 2010 – 2015, primarily concerning illegal money lending contrary to the Financial Services and Markets Act 2000 and follow-on offences of money laundering. Successfully obtained the discharge of an imposed Restraint Order. Wood Green Crown Court. Prosecuted by City of Birmingham Trading Standards.

October 2015- Sexual Assault – Represented a Doctor alleged to have sexually assaulted his patient during the course of medical examination. Matter went to trial following which he was acquitted on all counts. Lewes Crown Court. Prosecuted by CPS, Sussex.

May 2016 – Investment Fraud – Represented four separate individuals connected to a large-scale alleged investment fraud involving Capital World Markets (CWM) as investigated by City of London Police Economic Crime Unit. Successful representations managed to release three clients with one client remaining under investigation (on-going).

April 2016 - Fraud – Represented client charged with 8 Counts of Fraud arising from allegation between 2013 -2015. The main thrust related to the alleged use of false information in order to secure employment. Croydon Crown Court.

December 2015 - Confiscation – Represented client in relation to Enforcement Proceedings, whereby we were able to prove that the amount calculated as outstanding had been incorrectly calculated. Westminster Magistrates Court.

November 2015 - Confiscation – Represented client in relation to both a variation of a Confiscation Order made in 2011 together with ancillary Enforcement Proceedings. Amount outstanding valued in excess of £2 million. Westminster Magistrates Court.

October 2015- Inquest – Represented a Doctor who was designated a “Properly Interested Party” in an Inquest in Norwich. Previously represented the same Doctor both within a Police Investigation (murder) and GMC investigation when cleared of all allegations.

August 2015- Indecent Images – Represented a client investigated for possession of indecent images. Matter marked No Further Action.

January 2015 - FGM Trial (female genital mutilation) - This was the first trial of its type in the UK. Instructed to advise a Hospital Consultant in connection to this matter, who ultimately was called as a prosecution witness.