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Excessive Treatment prosecutions against chiropractors. Shouldn’t the GCC be more consistent?

On Tuesday 14th December 2016 the Professional Conduct Committee of the GCC brought a case which had lasted for 18 months to a timely end. They found all of the allegations against our client not proved.   One of those allegations was of proposing a treatment plan which was excessive. The GCC’s expert referred to the NICE guidance published in 2009 for the treatment of low back pain and opined to the PCC in support of the charge that the first two phases of treatment (symptomatic relief and rehabilitation) would require no more than 10 treatments before the start of maintenance treatment. However, he accepted that the maintenance stage could incorporate treatment for life.

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Bankside Law successfully defends a primary school teacher following investigation by NCTL

Bankside Law was instructed to act on behalf of a primary school teacher who had been referred to the National College for Teaching & Learning (NCTL) after accepting a police caution for child neglect/abandonment in September 2015. In short, the facts of the matter were that the client had left his 4 year old son home alone whilst he went to the nearby shop to buy some milk. Whilst on his way home, he  was involved in a minor altercation which resulted in police attending the scene and him having to notify them that his son was alone at his house.

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HCPC Investigating Committee find no case to answer against social worker

A social worker whose case had been put back for further consideration by the HCPC Investigating Committee sought advice from John Williams on the further response to be made. After giving advice free of charge and the social worker submitting further representations the Investigating Committee found no case to answer, thus avoiding an extremely stressful and potentially career ending full hearing before the Conduct and Competence Committee. The social worker commented “I was very grateful for the time John gave me, it really did help me with my second submission. He really was an informed voice of reason and helped me put things in context which was really valuable to me at a time when I felt I was drowning and I do thank him for this I will remember John and recommend him to people should the opportunity arise."

Brexit Part 1: Implications for the NHS, EU immigrant nurses and doctors

With concerns over staffing, NHS funding and abusive behaviour from patients towards doctors and nurses, the full impact of Brexit on UK healthcare is already turbulent, despite it not yet being clear exactly what will happen with the right to free movement within the EU. Although there is still a great deal of negotiating to do before the UK completely pulls out of Brussels, healthcare professionals are understandably worried about what Brexit will mean for them.

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Brexit Part 2: Increase in racist behaviour; implications for doctors and nurses; can I decline to treat?

During the first week after the UK voted to leave the EU, the frequency of hate crimes being reported increased by an incredible 57%, according to the police-funded hate crime reporting website ‘True Vision’. Reporting charity ‘Stop Hate UK’ and anti-Islamophobia organisation ‘Tell Mama’’ also reported dramatic increases in the rate of reports of racism and xenophobia. News websites and social media channels were awash with reports of abuse directed towards EU and non-EU migrants by British citizens who believed that a successful vote for Brexit gave them a free pass for hate speech. These scenarios occurred all over the UK, even in healthcare environments.

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