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What our clients and others say about us

Osteopath in case taken over from other solicitors where no unacceptable professional conduct found - John Williams

"Mr Williams of Bankside Law took on my case from another firm of solicitors. I am an Osteopath and I feared the worst-case outcome following allegations made of UPC. From my first phone call with Mr Williams, when I was feeling discouraged and despondent, he took care of my case with close attention to the details, correct legal advice and encouragement every step of the way.

It was Mr Williams who recommended and co-ordinated with the experts for my case. It was my barrister Mr Jonathan Goldring who challenged the GOsC's Guidance that evidence of good character at the decision and sanction stage should not be admissible, and he won, which was so important in my case.

My complaint process was a long and very stressful two years and at the final Hearing, the Professional Conduct Committee did not consider the facts found proved amounted to UPC and the case was closed with no sanction imposed against me. From fearing the worst outcome and getting the best outcome was such a relief and I believe was only due to the expert legal knowledge and care by Mr Williams and his team. I will be forever grateful to Mr Williams and would wholeheartedly recommend Bankside Law for excellent legal representation."

Emminent Clinical Psychologist on HCPC Investigating Committee finding no case to answer

Receiving a HCPC concern was an incredibly stressful and unexpected situation for myself and family.  Seeing allegations written from my regulatory body left me feeling guilty of a crime.  I was feeling so low, I thought these were true because that was how my professional body considered my actions. John provided a very personal, reassuring and calming service, was readily available and easy to contact.  John helped me fight the first battle of securing monies for proper legal provision, and of my choice, from my professional indemnity insurance.   Talking to John helped me view HCPC allegations as allegations arising from another party, rather than facts, allegations  that could be actively addressed rather than meekly accepted.    He encouraged me to fight for the right outcome rather than give up.   He was supportive but also appropriately challenging which helped my learning and my writing of a reflective, full response understandable for all members of the HCPC investigatory committee.  John provided an excellent summary of my response, including legal examples, that spoke to the legal, lay and professional arms of the HCPC investigatory committee.  I was delighted to be fully exonerated by HCPC investigatory committee and look forward to continuing the profession I love and take such pride in

Chiropractor of long unblemished record no order on Interim Suspension Hearing and subsequently no case to answer at Investigating Committee John Williams and Gillian Frost

I was told that John Williams is awesome. That is not a word I would normally use, but I can tell you its true. He is highly professional and knowledgeable. He leaves no stone unturned in your defence. He is a busy man but he always seems available to talk to. Jonathan Goldring, who acting for me in the Interim Suspension Hearing, is also brilliant. He very effectively totally dismantled the complaint against me. Gillian Frost is also fantastic. She appears to work very long hours. Together they make an awesome team

Consultant Gynaecologist – GMC Investigation - Bill Wilson

I am emailing to recommend Mr. Bill Wilson for his remarkable help, exceptional patience, candid advice, thorough approach and immediate attention during the General Medical Council Investigation I have been through over more than 3 years.

He was always available for discussion beyond the expected role, even when not at the office and even when at home or on leave. He was flexible enough to accommodate my preferences, whilst making his own opinion clear.

He has been extremely supportive, and consistently so, during a very difficult time, which helped me getting though the lengthy process. I am most grateful to him for this beyond description and would wholeheartedly recommend him for those unfortunate enough to have to go through a similar investigation.

Social Work Manager on speedy Finding of No Case to Answer - John Williams

I was totally traumatised by the allegations made against me and after safeguarding children for over 20 years I genuinely thought this may be the end of my social work career.  I did some research, wanting to find someone who was experienced to see through the allegations and support my innocence and eventually found John Williams and was very impressed by reviews regarding his supportive approach. John has. throughout this crippling experience, supported me fully. having the knowledge, experience, compassion, empathy and I genuinely would not be writing this review now if John had not taken on my case.  Fortunately my life is now back on track allowing me to do what I do best which is safeguarding children - Thank you so very much John.

General Medical Practitioner – Indemnity Cover – Bill Wilson.

Professional Medical Indemnity cover held by all GP's is ever more at risk as MDO's react to escalating liability exposure. Unexpected loss of cover for the individual GP may be individually unfair but who can help you with remedying the situation? How do you represent yourself regarding complex issues to a MDO. The process can be an opaque one at times.

Mr Bill Wilson is an experienced lawyer in the field of regulatory healthcare including General Practice.

His quick grasp of complex issues, understanding of the regulatory environment, sharp eye for detail and talent for spotting the important areas to address are very reassuring qualities that are not so easy to find. Discussing your situation with Bill may find a way forward which others have overlooked.

Incorporating Bill's ideas into my approach resolved an unfairness, the remedy for which had stalled for nearly a year with other approaches.

Consultant – GMC Interim Orders Tribunal – Bill Wilson.

I wanted to express my gratitude for your efforts and dedication for my case. It is really hard to make someone who doesn’t know you believe that you are innocent but you still put all your efforts in clearing my name. I am grateful to you that you took all the stress and restored everything out for me. Your faith, knowledge and determination were something that solves my worries.

Teacher in NCTL case Bill Wilson

“ From my initial approach you have proved yourself to be the best choice by far for me. Your reasonable fees and accommodating payment structure enabled me to engage your services.
Your personable but professional manner made me feel comfortable and I was made completely aware of the best outcome that you believed we could attain. Having you as my direct point of contact was a big factor. You were always available when I needed you and you retained the information I imparted to you excellently and, at no point did I need to correct anything I had told you or repeat myself.
Before I instructed you, I was pretty sure I was going to lose my registration. But, I'm very pleased to say that that is no longer even remotely the case. Thank you from the bottom of my heart, my professional career of 25 years is secure, and I'm looking forward very much to the future.
I would not hesitate ever to recommend you to defend someone in a situation such as mine.”

Money laundering case Bill Wilson

"You hear many horror stories about Solicitors, however I can truly say that Bill Wilson was professional, easy to talk to and explained things in an everyday language without using legal jargon. Bill conducted his work in a timely manner and always communicated the facts with the minimum amount of fuss. I would have no hesitation in recommending Bankside Law to anybody who needed legal assistance.

I must also mention Miss Sarah Wood, Barrister from 5 St Andrews Hill, concerning how excellent she put the case over to the Judge. At the end of the trial, the Judge complimented Sarah on how well she had presented her case.  

Bill, “Out of the depths of a battle a warrior is forged but heroes and friends are found in many unlikely places!” Thank you, again"

Doctor in Criminal Prosecution for sexual assualt on Patient Bill Wilson

“As a client of Bill's in my recent very serious case, I felt tremendous support from him even on our first meeting and this has remained until this day. Nothing was a bother to him and he was always available to answer any fears or queries no matter how small .He explained every step of the legal process in a very reassuring and calm way and left no stone unturned to achieve the positive result for a very complex case. I would thoroughly recommend Bill to be your guiding light in what may be the darkest journey of your life .Thanks again Bill”.

GMC Fitness to Practice Investigation Bill Wilson

“Just thought I'd pass on my thanks again for the help you've given. I'm well and truly back on my feet and enjoying a new life, wouldn't have been possible without help from yourself and Dr ** at the MDU.”

Doctor in a Coroner’s case Bill Wilson

“My case was handled efficiently, and I felt reassured that the advice was timely, thorough and supportive. Just what I needed during a stressful time dealing with a Coroner’s Inquest.”

Chiropractor in a GCC investigation John Williams and Alex Lane

“Bankside Law have my confidence that they can deliver the best outcome for my case. THANK YOU!”

GCC Defence John Williams and Alex Lane

"Going up against the GCC allegations was always going to be trying however what helped was knowing I could rely on Bankside Law. They were swift, knowledgeable and kept me in the loop at all times with regular communication. I wouldn't hesitate to use them again should the occasion ever arise"

SFO defence Bill Wilson

"Your firm were thorough, diligent and approachable. You explained everything clearly and left nothing to chance.  Thank you."

GCC Defence John Williams and Alex Lane

"I have used Bankside law on two occasions and have found them to be incredibly knowledgeable about the GCC and their complaints and knew the exact way to handle them.  I had complete confidence in their approach and have had both cases dismissed.  I would highly recommend them."

GCC Defence John Williams and Alex Lane

"When your professional career and livelihood is called into question you'll want the best legal support available. In my experience Bankside Law care as much about your license as you do. They have a well established reputation for providing the right advice at the right time and getting the right result. I wouldn't trust my career and reputation with anyone else"

Accountant in ICAEW case John Williams and Alex Lane

"John and Alex were able to give me exactly what I needed at what was a very distressing time for me. John was able to help me choose a strategy that would most likely entail a successful outcome at the least amount of cost to me. Alex then quickly put that strategy into action and their knowing, supportive and well-considered approach meant that I always felt I was in good hands and being looked after. I’m so pleased I chose Bankside Law to act on my behalf and to help me secure the outcome I deserved."

Social Worker in HCPC Investigation no case to answer finding John Williams

We were asked to assist with a further response after the Investigation Committee of the HCPC put the case back for further consideration. The case resulted in no further action. The social worker commented “I was very grateful for the time John gave me, it really did help me with my second submission. He really was an informed voice of reason and helped me put things in context which was really valuable to me at a time when I felt I was drowning and I do thank him for this I will remember John and recommend him to people should the opportunity arise."

Social Worker in a case where the HCPC Conduct and Competence Committee dismissed all allegations on findings of no case to answer John Williams

"It is such a relief that this case is over as it was impacting on my life. It was reassuring to meet John as he was immediately supportive, knowledgeable and insightful into the detail of my case and as a result I felt reassured that someone of his experience was prepared to fight my corner.".

Paramedic following Conduct and Competence Committee of the HCPC dismissing all allegations against him John Williams

“The LAS and HCPC had put me through hell for 3 years, in my opinion the police officers lied, purely as they didn't like me, Our job is difficult enough without fellow members of the emergency services making it more difficult and stressful. I can't thank John & Rad enough. They were both brilliant, I cant recommended them highly enough,I am now looking forward to continuing my career as a paramedic….”