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Bankside Law has maintained a 100% acquittal rate successfully representing 17 chiropractors who faced disciplinary proceedings for alleged unacceptable professional conduct in relation to the content of their web sites. John Williams commented:-

"We are very proud of this outcome. The web site cases arose following the litigation between the journalist Simon Singh and the British Chiropractic Association and a mass of complaints which was made to the GCC primarily about web sites belonging to British Chiropractic Association (BCA) members. Our clients were members of the United Chiropractic Association. Unlike the BCA, the UCA extended legal expenses insurance representation to their members who were caught in the cross fire. I am particularly pleased that our clients avoided a disciplinary finding although it is regrettable that they had to face the stress of proceedings and the risk to their professional reputation. I would hope that if such a situation arose in the future the regulator would approach the problem in a different and less costly way."