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and I'll blow your house down

This piece of contemporary art in the form of a Wax House has appeared opposite our office in Bankside. It is called "A pound of Flesh for 50p" by Alex Chinneck. It is a full-sized two storey house made from 8,000 wax bricks that will melt into the ground over 30 days. Here it is after about 7 days.You can see how it has been dripping at the top of the building. It celebrates the history of an old candle making factory which was based in Bankside a couple of centuries ago. We'll post further pictures to see how hard Mr Woolf has been blowing in due course.It comes to you courtesy of "Merge Festival" which celebrates the contemporary culture and rich heritage of Bankside and is brought to you by Illuminate Productions, Better Bankside and Tate Modern. mergefestifal.coluk