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John Williams from Bankside Law secured the dropping of all allegations against his client. This case centred around chiropractor’s notes and an electronic note recording system called 'Capable’. Our client denied all of the allegations she faced. We had not represented our client at the Investigating Committee stage but we were able to obtain a forensic analysis of notes to satisfy the GCC that notes recorded on the system were accurate and timely and that the case should not proceed. This meant that our client did not have to go through the stress and trauma of a contested hearing and the risk to her career if the case had gone  against her.
John Williams commented -  "This case was a good example of how important good note keeping is. My client had kept good notes but, due to an oversight, had not sent them all in at the Investigating Committee stage. When we were instructed and the GCC then had all the notes and were satisfied as to them being contemporaneous by virtue of the forensic evidence the GCC accepted the case against my client should not proceed. Lawyers often say "if it isn't written down it didn't happen". Whilst making full notes can be very time consuming, frustrating and can eat into time which could otherwise be spent healing patients it is nevertheless the best form of protection there is against civil negligence and professional disciplinary allegations."