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Disclosure and Barring Certificates [DBS Certificates] are impacting more and more on a wider variety of professional people and members of the public. We at Bankside Law have found this is an area on which we are increasingly being asked to advise and represent our clients to avoid the harsher effect of the DBS certificates and their impact not just on job opportunities but careers generally. We have successfully assisted doctors, teachers, social workers and other professionals in overturning unfair, disproportionate and prejudicial wording imposed on DBS certificates by the police

John Williams commented

Here at Bankside Law we are starting to see a pattern of cases where we have been successful in defending professional clients charged with criminal offences where the police seek to impact on their careers by not just referring to the charges and the acquittal but also by then passing prejudicial opinion on the risk posed by the professional to vulnerable adults or children. We have developed an expertise in pursuing such cases to the Independent Monitor and either overturning the reference in the certificate to the criminal allegations in their entirety or amending the wording to remove the prejudicial and disproportionate wording put forward by the police. In one case the cost of this was covered by a legal expenses insurance policy on a household building and contents insurance held by our client.”

Whether you are a doctor, nurse, other health professional, teacher or member of the public, if you have a problem with a DBS Certificate call John Williams or Bill Wilson on 0207 402 2356 for a free initial telephone consultation.