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Our client is a social worker who was based in a hospital. The complainants had pursed a complaint to the Health Services Ombudsman. His report had been sent to the HCPC. We successfully challenged the admissibility of the Ombudsman’s report in these disciplinary proceedings. We were also able to point out significant gaps in the evidence put forward by the HCPC. They found “evidence provided by the HCPC as to the Registrant’s responsibility for the alleged acts and omissions particularised in the allegation was generally vague, inconsistent and inherently weak”.

This resulted in a submission of no case to answer being upheld by the CCC in relation to all of the allegations our client faced. Furthermore they found that even if they had found there was a case to answer in relation to any of the allegations “the Panel was of the view that none of the particulars, if proved, would have constituted a serious departure from the standards of conduct to be expected of a registered Social Worker in the circumstances. The Panel would not therefore have found misconduct.”

John Williams commented “Jonathan Goldring, the barrister we instructed, did an excellent job in this case. I made written representations to the HCPC Investigating Committee and their lawyers throughout these proceedings as to the weakness of their case. Unfortunately these fell on deaf ears and a full 5 day hearing was necessary in this case. It is very unusual for a disciplinary committee to find no case to answer in relation to all allegations. Whilst I am obviously delighted for my client whose name has been cleared, the delay (4 years from when the allegations arose), the cost and last but not least the stress and anxiety caused to my client over this period is deeply regrettable.”

Our client commented about John Williams: "It is such a relief that this case is over as it was impacting on my life. It was reassuring to meet John as he was immediately supportive, knowledgeable and insightful into the detail of my case and as a result I

And he said about Jonathan Goldring J Goldring website: Jonathan's knowledge and experience of my case and legal detail in the lead up, and during the hearing was terrific. During the hearing itself, I felt that Jonathan was always "2 steps ahead" of the HCPC- all I can say I would never want to be on the other side of the Court room from Jonathan!

All I can say really is that these two chaps were a real blessing!"