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Bankside Law represented a Bio-Medical Scientist before the Health and Care Professions Council (HCPC) and was successful in persuading the conduct and competence committee that the registrant’s fitness to practice was not impaired following admissions being made at both the facts and misconduct stages.  The case concerned a registrant who, having consumed alcohol, went into the hospital he worked at whilst off-duty in order to speak to his girlfriend. The Registrant’s girlfriend was a colleague of his and was on duty at the time. The registrant was verbally abusive towards his girlfriend and other colleagues who had made efforts to calm him down. In addition to this instance, the HCPC reignited a previous complaint where the registrant was found to have had a folding knife in his staff locker. The panel was persuaded that the registrant had shown a great deal of insight and remorse for his actions and had taken steps to remediate his wrongdoing. The client has said of Bankside Law “It has been a pleasure, a delightful and wonderful experience knowing that you take that much time and empathy and consideration for your clients. I would not have hesitation in recommending you.”