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Bankside Law represented a Counsellor at a hearing before the British Association of Counsellors and Psychotherapists (BACP). The Counsellor was referred to the BACP by one of her supervisee’s following the failure to conduct an ending-session due to illness. The panel accepted that the Counsellor had fallen ill around Christmas 2015 which resulted in an ending-session not being possible, however, they criticised the Counsellor for not having a Supervisor Contract in place which included what was expected of both sides should illness occur. The panel imposed a sanction that the Counsellor formulate a contract which specifically set out what ought to happen in the event she be taken ill again. The formulated contract was accepted by the BACP and the sanction was lifted.  The client has said “John and Krystal at Bankside Law supported me through a very long, drawn out and stressful process. They were consistently available to provided sound advice. Having Krystal present at the hearing panel was invaluable eventually leading to a satisfactory outcome.”