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John Williams represented a Nutritional Therapist for the first time recently. The case involved a recommendation from a Nutritional Therapist to a client of a product which might have contained gluten to which the client expressed an intolerance. Later, the client complained to the CNHC. We instructed counsel, Jonathan Goldring, an expert, Mabel Blades, and following service of her report, a detailed statement from our client, some very complementary and helpful references and testimonials and research we had carried out on the extent to which the product was described as “Gluten Free” on numerous respected web sites the CNHC notified us a day before the hearing that they were going to offer no evidence.

John Williams commented;

"I was delighted at this successful outcome for our client. The case highlighted the difficulties and confusion which exists in relation to correct food labelling. Both me and my client strongly support moves to make producers and advertisers of food and supplement products describe what they sell more accurately so the public and the professionals who advise them are properly protected."

Our client commented;
"Bankside Law went above and beyond to ensure the best possible outcome was achieved in this case. They were incredibly thorough in their approach and offered a level of service over and above what I expected. Their experience and professionalism was clear from the outset, without which I don't believe the case would've received such positive results."