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Our client was accused of numerous allegations by the GCC including attacks on his financial probity, clinical competence and note taking. Our client admitted 4 allegations (3 relating to note taking and 1 relating to not complying with a request for the return of funds by the client during a certain period) but denied the remainder. The PCC found all the remaining allegations not proved. It preferred the expert evidence from the defence to that of the prosecution. The PCC found that the chiropractor would be most unlikely to find himself in this position again, he had taken steps to prevent a recurrence, he had apologised and shown significant insight into his failings, it was effectively an isolated incident  and that in all the circumstances an admonishment was appropriate.
John Williams commented; "Our client's case showed the importance of instructing a good expert and for those facing disciplinary proceedings to approach them realistically. Making admissions where appropriate and showing 'significant insight' can have a significant bearing on the outcome."