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Bill Wilson successfully defended a Doctor charged with two offences of Sexual Assault against a female colleague at Ipswich Crown Court. The Doctor was arrested and charged with two offences of sexual assault in September 2013 and his case proceeded to trial at Ipswich Crown Court following Not Guilty pleas having been entered to both counts at an earlier Plea & Case Management Hearing.

The Doctor was adamant that there was no substance to either allegation and following a trial which lasted some 5 days, the Jury returned unanimous verdicts acquitting him on both Counts. He was released from the Court without a stain on his character.

The main issues in the case centred firstly on the credibility of the complainant and secondly linguistics. The latter requiring expert input in relation to numerous text messages as to meaning and phraseology. Despite being advised by the Learned Judge that he was being released without a stain on his character, damage had already occurred as he was removed from his clinical position when charged and then found he was also subject to a GMC investigation.